Creating A Basic New Project Template In Microsoft® Project

Creating a Basic New Project Template in Microsoft® Project

When you start a new project file in Microsoft Project®, there are a number of settings to change that make the file work better. One way to make this easier is to create a new project template that already has these settings pre-set. Here is what to do to create a basic new project template:

  1. Open a new project file and set the following settings:
    1. Set the working hours in the Calendar tab of Tools-Options,
    2. Set the holidays in the Calendar under Tools-Change Working Time,
    3. Turn on the Project Summary Task and the Outline Number in the View tab of Tools-Options.

You can also set up any filters or groups that you would want to use on each project. Then save the file as a template file using File-Save As. This will save you time on each new project file.

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Dave Paradi

David Paradi, senior associate of Business Improvement Architects, is an experienced facilitator and Project Leader. He specializes in the areas of Project Management and Leadership and is a presentations expert. David has a solid understanding of Project Management and Leadership through his experience as a project leader, project team member and facilitator of strategic planning processes. He has led development of strategic directions for organizations, project teams in the launch of new products, the development of next generation administration and marketing systems and the introduction of processes that are more streamlined.