Using Microsoft Project™ to Manage your Project Plan


We`ve found that most of the time, people need to use only 20% of a software’s features to achieve their goals. The same goes for Microsoft Project ™. Learning the 20% most commonly used features to document and manage projects can save time, get you up and running quickly and generally make your job easier. We’ll train you to use these most important features of Microsoft Project™.

Session Focus

You’ll learn how to manage your projects using Microsoft Project™. Through hands-on instruction you will learn: the process for setting up their project plan in Microsoft Project™ software, adjusting the plan to resolve time and resource issues, updating the plan during project execution and producing reports. You will have an opportunity to use the techniques on a sample project plan.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who will input project plan data into MS Project as well as individuals responsible for reading and editing detailed project and program plans. You should have a basic understanding of project scheduling concepts such as task dependencies, milestones, critical path, etc.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn about how to use software to manage projects.
  • Understand the process of how to use Microsoft Project™.
  • Set up the program and project default settings.
  • Set up project calendars & resources.
  • Create and confirm calendars.
  • Enter resource information.
  • Enter, edit and link tasks and sub-tasks.
  • Review the critical path
  • “Crash” the schedule
  • Resolve resource allocation issues.
  • Produce standard and custom reports.
  • Update the project plan with actual project data.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Project™ to work with multiple projects.

Course Duration

1 Day