Top Ten Ways to Relax During Tense Negotiations

1. Count from ten to one.

2. Breathe deeply.

3. Write a “venting” note, but don’t give it to the other party.

4. Change your posture and/or seating.

5. Take time out! Say you need to use the washroom.

6. Keep a picture of a loved one on hand, and imagine he/she is in the room.

7. Stroke your hair, ear lobes or face for comfort.

8. Imagine you are speaking underwater–slow down.

9. Picture a calm, green, sunny place with a flowing stream and speak to it.

10. Speak to the child, parent and spirit across the table.

Sally Stanleigh

Sally Stanleigh is a senior partner in Business Improvement Architects and the Chief Operating Officer. Sally manages the operation and develops and implements communications, marketing and promotion programs. She is also responsible for spearheading and managing the company's corporate research projects. Sally has a background in marketing and communications and previously worked as a senior product manager with multi-national corporations such as Colgate-Palmolive and Phillip Morris before founding Business Improvement Architects with her husband and partner, Michael Stanleigh.

On occasion, Sally is asked by clients for help with business planning. She facilitates the planning process as a consultant and helps clients with the development of their marketing plans and programs. She has also presented to professional groups on such topics as: customer feedback systems, employee motivation, development of incentive programs and trends.

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