Surviving Change

The winds of change have swept through many organizations in recent years bringing about storms. Those that have always kept an eye on the constant breeze of change and adapted to the changes have survived the storm. Those caught by surprise are often swept away. Here are some successful strategies for managing and dealing with change:

  1. Accept that change happens – “The only constant is change itself”
  2. Anticipate change – Get ready for change to occur in your workplace
  3. Monitor change – Know when the air is getting stale around you
  4. Adapt to change quickly – The quicker you let go of the old ways, the sooner you can enjoy the new ones and ride with the wind
  5. Change – Feel empowered to change and “go with the flow”
  6. Enjoy change – Celebrate short-term victories and savour the adventure!
  7. Be ready to quickly change and enjoy it again and again!