Creating a Common Culture and Processes After a Merger

Applying effective processes coupled with experienced facilitation can deliver effective, no nonsense solutions to problems quickly and efficiently.

Business Improvement Architects set out to improve the way in which business people work by teaching them better approaches and processes and helping them to become self-sufficient to implement their core strategies effectively. We have always taken great pride in delivering high client value and generating positive organizational results with effective processes coupled with experienced facilitation.

When SGS Automotive, a leader in vehicle inspections, recently merged two companies; one from the government vehicle inspection industry and the other from the commercial area, they experienced a challenge to integrate two different cultures and types of customers and different quality program requirements. Preservation of tacit knowledge, employees and literature are always delicate during and after a merger. Strategic management of all these resources is a very important factor for success.

And so SGS Automotive sought Business Improvement Architect’s guidance to help them develop a new quality strategy that would extract a common quality culture and processes.

SGS Automotive serves off-lease, new car, rental car and auction markets. Their clients include the major vehicle manufacturing companies, their affiliated financial services firms, major rental car companies and major vehicle auction sites.

Business Improvement Architects facilitated a strategy planning meeting to help SGS Automotive create a quality vision, plan and strategies for their division. According to Dr. John Rogers, Vice President Operational Excellence, “The strategy sessions and Michael’s experience was invaluable. Michael provided the road map on how to move from our current position to develop a plan for the quality goals for the combined company.”

Creating a common vision and strategy after mergers is an important step for leadership to take to ensure a merger is successful. Using a qualified professional consultant to provide expert guidance and a “roadmap” for how to move forward will get you the end results you’re looking for quickly and effectively.

Michael Stanleigh

Michael Stanleigh, CMC, CSP, CSM is the CEO of Business Improvement Architects. He works with leaders and their teams around the world to improve organizational performance by helping them to define their strategic direction, increase leadership performance, create cultures that drive innovation and improve project and quality management. Michael’s experience spans public and private sector organizations in over 20 different countries. He also delivers presentations to businesses and conferences throughout the world. In addition to his consulting practice and global speaking he has been featured and published in over 500 different magazines and industry publications.

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