Where is the Quality Movement Heading?

The Quality Movement was established in North America in the 1940’s and has grown and expanded since then; evolving through many milestones such as quality circles, kaizen blitzes, employee involvement, suggestion systems and total quality management. Today, organizations such as the National Quality Institute (NQI) and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) continue to advance individual, organizational and community excellence through quality improvements, learning and knowledge exchange.

According to Gregory Watson, 2001 President of ASQ, “Today’s quality movement is better off because of what we’ve learned as each of these initiatives have been implemented. The next focus for quality is to emphasize performance excellence and business results. We need to synthesize our efforts and continue to build upon our quality book of knowledge.”

Brenda Fisk

Brenda Mary Fisk, Business Improvement Architects associate, has over 20 years of professional experience in software quality assurance/quality control and project management experience. Brenda provides consulting, facilitating and software quality assurance training to a wide range of type and size of organizations.
She has worked primarily with business units; liaising with business analysts and systems developers to assist in preparing systems development life cycle deliverables for large and small projects. Brenda has designed and facilitated over 70 different training programs for staff at all levels. She specializes in productivity improvements within the systems development community. Prior to consulting Brenda held positions as: Project Management Officer, Database Administrator, Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Systems Testing Specialist.