Infoway has a complex environment in which employees are hired for their expertise and experience to be a part of a high performing organization.  Employees need to adapt to a very influential role for both internal and external clients.  Infoway identified a number of leadership skills that were necessary for employees and hired Business Improvement Architects to pilot a 360 degree group program for them.

“Infoway’s unique culture requires someone who can understand our business, our people and the dynamics that are unique to each department.  Michael Stanleigh’s approach to each requirement demonstrates professionalism and thoroughness as he evaluates before his recommendations.  Michael is an exceptional listener and synthesizer and he delivers an end product that tackles the underlying issues that need to be addressed.  His quality of service and dedication goes beyond the expected and he ensures success even at his own cost.  The result of his services exceeded our expectation.”

Director, HR Programs, Canada Health Infoway