Webinar: The Impact of Project Management and PMO’s on Organizational Effectiveness


This one-hour webinar presentation reveals the significant findings from bia(TM)’s proprietary research study of over 900 project management offices around the world. You will learn about the overall effectiveness of a PMO on their organization and the strategies that effective PMO’s use to succeed.

Business Improvement Architects undertook an extensive research study to learn about the overall effectiveness and impact of Project Management and Project Management Offices on their organizations and conducted a follow up study to monitor trends. We conducted 100 interviews with senior executives and PMO staff and 850 comprehensive on-line surveys of organizations with PMO’s from both the private and public sector organizations of various sizes. The studies have provided valuable insights about project management best practices and the key issues facing PMO’s. This webinar will discuss the key findings and what strategies PMO’s can undertake to realize their goals as well as what may be stopping them from succeeding.

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