Webinar: Building Innovation into Organizational Capabilities


This one-hour webinar will inspire and show you how to create an innovation strategy, culture and process for your organization. You’ll leave with the tools, processes and techniques required to start the journey of innovation. You will hear about other organizations that have created a culture of innovation and how to use a combination of these ideas to create a process for innovation from idea generation to actual implementation.

Savvy organizational leaders understand the critical importance of innovation today, yet many leaders struggle with how to encourage, nurture and take action on great ideas and protect them through to fruition. This webinar shows you how to initiate a journey of innovation for your organization or department.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Gain understanding of what innovation is and is not.
  • Learn how to create the vision for innovation within the organizational context.
  • Understand the characteristics of a successful innovation culture to know what it takes to drive your organization towards such a culture for innovation.
  • Learn how to create your organizational culture to accept and nurture innovation.
  • Find out how to benchmark what other organizations have done to encourage innovation and how they have done it.
  • Learn how to develop your strategy for innovation.
  • Determine the action steps required to begin your journey of innovation
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