This manufacturer was in trouble; they were suffering low productivity and poor staff morale. Their cost of doing business was escalating due to work duplication and inefficiencies. They realized that they had to undertake an in-depth examination of their business processes and called us in to help them.  Working with employees, we examined end-to-end workflow—was work getting to the right person? Were there information silos inside the organization that affected work quality?  Were employees unable to execute work properly because they were not getting the right information at the right time within the business workflow?  In this way, we were able to identify the workflow bottlenecks and their root causes and provide guidance in creating work process improvements.  Our effort helped this client reduce their cost and cycle time to market in a variety of areas of operation; corporate office, manufacturing, and logistics and improve customer satisfaction.  This made it possible for them to remain competitive, become innovative, and increase profitability.