Business Improvement Architects (bia™) has worked in a variety of areas of the Ontario Public Service including several Ministries and Leadership Centers. Our work has covered a broad range of consulting and training assignments including: research on Benchmarking within a government environment, customer service training, coaching project managers and teams through major government initiatives, training the leadership in the areas of quality and project management and training staff on the skills of Kaizen (process management) and project management.

“Business Improvement Architect’s facilitation and processes have effectively met our needs. The training has been engaging as well as practical and informative. We have found that our people are able to apply the learning to their workplace.”

Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

PC Financial asked Business Improvement Architects to develop training that was customized for them and that used their tools, templates, processes and specific project case studies. We continue to track the usage of the information presented in the workshop and find that the participants have started to shift the culture of the organization to a more productive project environment.

“Business Improvement Architects has done an excellent job of creating a customized training program for PC Financial. Participants have provided highly positive feedback about the training program and the quality of the bia™ facilitators. As a result of this practical and effective training, we are realizing a more productive project environment and a more supportive project culture.”

Director, Operations and New Initiatives, PC Financial

Business Improvement Architects worked with this organization of 1200 employees to help create a Project/Process Management Office and implement lessons learned from a previously failed try. The result has been positive due to the bia™ implementation-based consulting process and because bia™ ensured that a solid foundation for change was in place before the implementation was done.

“Business Improvement Architects was instrumental in helping us turnaround a project that was in crisis and bring it back in control with their expert processes and measurement tools. They were able to effectively identify the root causes of our problem and then continued to work with us to implement the solution and provide tools to manage on a forward-going basis.”

Chief Executive Officer

bia™ worked with the IR-Security Technologies to develop and implement a customized Quality Management and Project Management Curriculum for project/process teams and leaders. Attendance, while not mandatory, has been enthusiastic with positive feedback about the direct applicability of the knowledge learned to the workplace.

“Over the years we have found great value in working with Business Improvement Architects because their programs have been highly effective. There have been a number of positive endeavors demonstrated by the participants including applying the project management process to an existing project in order to bring it back on track. Others have successfully7 applied the knowledge directly to a number of new projects.”

Director of Manufacturing, Ingersoll-Rand Company