This government client merged two large government agencies into one unit.  The merger had a tremendous impact on their organizational structures and operating practices.  Both organizations had to preserve the integrity of the services they were offering while also improving customer service and reducing their operating expenses.  They felt they could achieve this objective with a flattened corporate structure of decentralized operating units and outsourcing of some of their services to suppliers who could be more responsive in meeting local needs.  Business Improvement Architects helped this organization achieve its objective successfully and rapidly by guiding, coordinating and overseeing a strategic change management process for the transformation.  We made sure that our client developed an effective communication plan to inform management and staff on the progress of the change.  Within 6 months the two organizations had combined and improved their operating processes.  They had also created a new corporate structure with a seamless level of service to their customers.  One unexpected outcome was the increase in employee morale and staff retention.   Another positive outcome of this effort was an increase in both employee morale as well as staff retention.