This government client was unable to achieve significant progress on a project due to the pending introduction of a new piece of legislation that greatly impacted the project’s delivery.  After six months into the project, it was failing to meet its delivery completion deadline, and so this client called us in to help them get the project back on track. We met with the project sponsor and project manager to map out a process for rapidly getting the project back on track. Then we facilitated a number of work sessions with them to: identify prospective team members, define the project’s scope and create a detailed project plan.  Acting as an outside coach to the project manager throughout, we assisted with management of some of the project work and helped to create an on-line presentation for distribution to the field offices introducing the project to all employees. Within one month of working with this project team, they had made far more progress than in the previous six months and we managed to help them get a failing project back on track.