Strategic Planning


In a survey of a broad section of CEOs, the Malcolm Baldrige Foundation learned that CEOs believed that deploying strategy is three times more difficult than developing strategy.  The key to achieving effective strategy deployment is getting all levels of the organization involved with strategic planning. This will provide a stronger strategic plan and ensure employee buy-in and commitment to the execution of the strategies. Furthermore, this collaboration will be sure to align divisional and departmental strategies with corporate direction. It may seem logical but this doesn’t usually happen. Most strategic planning fails to engage all levels of the organization and it’s tedious and slow. Our process is engaging and fast and our Strategic Planning Model includes: voice of the customer, benchmarking, employee engagement, vision creation, strategic development and operational planning.

Session Focus

You will learn how to develop a strategic plan. You will begin by learning how to undertake benchmarking, understand the voice of your customer and engage employees in discussions to learn their dreams and visions for the organization or department. We will then review the past, examine the present and create the future. We will work with you to translate this vision into key strategies, assess the associated risks and develop an operational plan.

Who Should Attend?

Executives, management and other leaders who are responsible for the development of strategic and operational planning for their organization and/or department

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Strategic Planning model and process and why it’s of value.
  • Benchmark against other organizations and departments in order to understand and implement industry best practices.
  • Collect customer feedback to incorporate into the development of the strategies and to ensure the strategies will meet their requirements.
  • Identify staff involvement in the process of creating the key strategies.
  • Develop a compelling vision and mission for your organization and/or department.
  • Determine the short and longer-term strategies for your organization.
  • Isolate the risks that might impact success.
  • Create the objectives required to ensure that each strategy is reached in the short term.
  • Gain employee understanding and commitment to the realization of the plans.
  • Calculate how success will be measured.
  • Develop the operational effectiveness plan to ensure that everyone knows: what they have to do, how and when to do it so as to successfully implement the short term strategic plan.

Course Duration

3 Day