Developing a Strategic Change Plan


We have found that most organizations, regardless of whether they are private, public or not-for-profit, don’t always manage change effectively. Management attend sessions to get acquainted with the latest thinking in the management of change. And then they throw their front-line staff into training workshops to learn how to manage change. But these tactics are not effective in overcoming resistance to change; employee morale and productivity will continue to slide. Do your management and staff really understand the change? Are the right strategies in place to manage the change? Do your people even know your business case for change? How committed is your leadership to the change? What’s in it for the people involved?

This training program engages participants in a strategic change planning process that is effective and exhilarating. Through exercises, discussions and lecture we will show you what change means, how to develop change strategies, how to create a ’vision’ for change for your organization and/or department and how to translate that vision into a series of strategies.

Session Focus

You will work in a leadership team to develop a Strategic Change Plan for a real-life major change initiative to experience the process for developing a highly effective strategic change plan. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and team exercises you’ll learn theories about change. You will also discover the relevant planning requirements for leading change to mitigate the risk of failure. You will be able to take this learning back to your own workplace and directly apply it your own situation.

Who Should Attend?

  • Members of senior management who are responsible for the successful implementation of major change initiatives within their department, division or organization.
  • Management and supervisors who are responsible for change management and implementation for the change process.

Key Outcomes

  • Implement a process to ensure the successful transition through change.
  • Develop a vision of what the organization and/or department will be through the change.
  • Manage the various degrees of staff acceptance to change.
  • Understand all of the current strategies that are used by various organizations today…their strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities they present and the risks attached to them.
  • Develop specific skills for dealing with and managing change.
  • Understand why people resist change.
  • Learn the Principles of Change that impact our ability to adapt to changes within our organizations.
  • Review and implement the strategic change management process and the various stages within.
  • Assess risks which might prevent success in the implementation of each change strategy.
  • Identify the cost-benefit of each change strategy.
  • Identify the short-term and long-term change strategies.
  • Engage others in a constructive process of change.
  • Develop the detailed actions to ensure the successful implementation of each change strategy.

Course Duration

2 Day