Creating a Vision and Strategies for Government Services


The job security that government employees enjoy has often led to complacency, making the pursuit of excellence in the workplace challenging. Customers often complain about customer service levels. Many government managers find it difficult to inspire and lead people.

This learning program pursues a goal of re-thinking government operations to make them more business-oriented and customer driven. It focuses on development of strategies for improving customer service while bearing in mind the political agenda under which it must operate. Terms and jargon including profit and loss, customer focus and business orientation will create an awareness of the new agenda for governments.

Session Focus

You will create a new vision and strategy for government services that will lead to new and better ways to operate with higher customer service levels. In this engaging session, you will learn how to create and implement clearly defined strategies that will deliver your new vision for government services.

Who Should Attend?

Management and staff within a municipal, state, or federal government office who want to create or re-think their government department’s/agencies vision and strategies.

Key Outcomes

  • Define and compare government and business.
  • Define customer service in the new environment.
  • Understand new definitions including: business, profit and loss and customer feedback.
  • Discuss and create a quality business vision.
  • Strategize for reaching the service levels you want to reach.
  • Define the role of leadership in meeting the new challenges.
  • Determine the role of staff in meeting the new challenges.
  • Develop quality standards.
  • Explore strategies for implementing and continuously improving customer service levels.
  • Benchmark against other government’s strategic plans.
  • Understand the Voice of the Customer.
  • Engage employees in the identification of strategic goals and actions.
  • Create a Vision for your organization.
  • Develop Strategies for your organization.
  • Develop the actions needed to successfully implement the Strategies.
  • Finalize a complete Strategic Plan.

Course Duration

3 Days