Voice of the Customer


One of the greatest challenges in New Product Development and Systems Development is a lack of detailed information on customer expectations. The opportunity is to understand and implement a process which creates products, services and systems that align with customer and user expectations.

Session Focus

We will start this session by engaging you in discussions and exercises to ensure there is a common understanding of the entire Voice of the Customer process. You will learn how to identify your customers, define their requirements and analyze these requirements to ensure clarity and agreement. We will immerse you in a simulation that will challenge and develop your skills to define, analyze and present the information you need for creating a product, system or software that delivers what the customer truly wants.

Who Should Attend?

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Marketing Managers and Product Manager
  • Functional Managers
  • Engineering and Technical Services Personnel
  • Design and Product Engineers who will participate in the Voice of the Customer process

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the customer’s requirements and expectations.
  • Understand the product or service by placing yourself on the receiving end of the process as a customer.
  • Translate the requirements.
  • Apply the Voice of the Customer process to ensure clarity in understanding customer requirements.
  • Complete the Customer Requirements Document.
  • Analyze customer ratings from past experiences.
  • Translate customer requirements into degrees of importance.
  • Determine the design requirements.
  • Integrate competitive information effectively.
  • Prioritize all customer requirements.
  • Identify the requirements that must be built into the new and/or improved product or service.
  • Finalize the “House of Quality” matrix.
  • Integrate Quality Function Deployment into the New Product Development process.
  • Analyze and create solutions to create products that the customer will want.
  • Develop the Product Requirements Document.

Course Duration

1 Day