Strategic Quality Planning


Despite all the emphasis on the benefits of quality management most organizations don’t always manage quality effectively. Management attend sessions to get acquainted with the latest quality strategies. They will hear about Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Process Management, Quality Awards, and so on. And then they send their front-line staff to training workshops without a plan. Are these the right strategies? Will these strategies improve quality? Do we even know what the quality problem is that we need to fix?

Creating an effective quality management system begins with the Strategic Quality Planning process. It will be derived from benchmark information you have collected so that you are aware of how your quality compares against other organizations. You will develop effective quality processes and tools unique for your situation and link this to key business performance indicators to measure the impact of this plan and to ensure it is aligned with your organization’s overall strategic plan. This learning program focuses on the creation of your Strategic Quality Plan; starting with creation of a Quality Vision and translating that vision into a series of strategies.

Session Focus

You will learn how to develop a Strategic Quality Plan by working on case studies of different organizations. You will develop a strategic quality plan that deals with each organization’s different quality challenges and in so doing, learn how to develop one that will work for your own business. This engaging session will be fun, informative and very practical.

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Steering Committee members,
  • Any other staff that must manage quality or coordinate efforts for quality improvement in their businesses.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand all of the current quality strategies that are used by various organizations today…their strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities they present and the risks attached to them.
  • Benchmark against other organization’s strategic quality plans.
  • Research the Voice of the Customer
  • Determine the impact of the Voice of the Customer on the Strategic Quality Plan.
  • Engage employees in the identification of quality processes.
  • Incorporate employee feedback into the creation of the Strategic Quality Plan.
  • Develop Quality Standards for your organization and/or department.
  • Create a Quality Vision for your organization and/or department.
  • Develop Quality Strategies by analyzing the Voice of the Customer, Employee Feedback, Quality Standards and Quality Vision.
  • Develop the actions needed to successfully implement the Quality Strategies.
  • Finalize the Strategic Quality Plan.
  • Gain acceptance and buy-in to the Strategic Quality Plan.
  • Follow-up on the execution of the Strategic Quality Plan.

Course Duration

2 Days