Creating and Sustaining the Quality Management Committee


A quality management program is successfully launched when it is well organized, planned, and supported.  A quality management committee provides the necessary planning and control to ensure this level of success.  They will monitor and report on quality issues and share best practises throughout the organization. They will prioritize quality strategies, resource quality initiatives and make sure that all quality initiatives are aligned with corporate strategies.

Session Focus

This workshop will immerse you in the process of creating a Quality Management Committee. We will review roles and responsibilities for committee members as well as how to create a vision, statement of purpose and strategies. Because each quality management committee is different, we will use various case examples as well as your own organization’s unique challenges so that you will be able to start the process of creating and/or sustaining your Quality Management Committee.

Who Should Attend?

Management and/or Quality Professionals who are considering a quality management committee for their organization and/or who want to re-invigorate their quality management committee for their department/organization.

Key Outcomes

  • Identify various structures and determine the best structure for your Quality Management Committee.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Quality Management Committee.
  • Determine the roles and responsibilities required of each committee member.
  • Understand the challenges, issues, concerns or opportunities in your organization or department that can be managed through the committee.
  • Create a vision for the Quality Management Committee.
  • Develop a Statement of Purpose.
  • Create the strategies to be managed through the committee.
  • Communicate and promote the Quality Management Committee throughout the organization.
  • Find out about how to apply resources and prioritize quality initiatives.
  • Coordinate and manage all organizational quality initiatives.
  • Learn how to provide on-going reporting of status on quality initiatives.

Course Duration

2 Days