Benchmarking is the process of determining who is the very best in your business market as well as who sets the standard and what that standard is.  The purpose of benchmarking is to identify and adopt best known practices that can lead to superior performance. One of the challenges is to be clear about your internal benchmark standards so you can identify the best organizations and departments against which to benchmark. We’ll help you to identify both the internal and the external benchmarks for your business.

Session Focus

This session will engage you in practical and relevant exercises and discussions to help you identify and measure your internal benchmarks. As well, you will learn how to identify who to benchmark against externally. There’ll be lots of opportunities to address your benchmarking issues, concerns and challenges. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the entire process of establishing internal benchmarks and how to conduct a full benchmarking analysis. As well, you’ll have an opportunity to experience how to conduct some actual benchmarks.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders including Quality Department Managers and staff who are identifying internal best practices and need to understand the process of comparing these against international best practices.

Key Outcomes

  • Pinpoint the processes that drive your performance and affect customer value and market share.
  • Identify the internal, functional, competitive and generic processes you should be benchmarking.
  • Learn how to identify comparative companies, organizations, departments that may lead to superior performance.
  • Determine data collection methods and collect data.
  • Identify your current performance “gap”.
  • Analyze the impact of projected future performance levels
  • Recommend and report what needs to happen to improve performance.
  • Communicate benchmark results to significant audiences.
  • Motivate employee groups responsible for the successful implementation of these changes to carry them out.
  • Obtain an understanding and commitment from the employees to integrate benchmark findings.
  • Establish specific action plans for execution of the recommendations.
  • Discover how to benchmark against various international awards.

Course Duration

1 Day