Using Microsoft Excel™ to Manage your Project Plan


When projects are small and all you require is a way to manage critical dates and schedules you don’t need to use sophisticated project management software. Microsoft Excel™ can do the job. This workshop will provide the process and templates to use Microsoft Excel™ to manage project schedules.

Session Focus

You will quickly understand how to go beyond just using Microsoft Excel™ as a task checklist and learn how to use this software as a dynamic tool that will automatically update future task schedules on the basis of current performance and flag tasks that are scheduled to finish later than critical deadline dates. We will provide participants with a fully functional template. As well, participants will learn how to: set up their schedule in the template, update the schedule during project execution and produce reports. You will receive “hands-on” instruction and will have an opportunity to use the techniques on a sample project plan.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to review, edit and manage their project plans without project management software because the projects they are working on are small. You should have a basic understanding of project scheduling concepts such as links between tasks.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to use Microsoft Excel™ to manage a project schedule.
  • Set up a project in the project schedule template
  • Develop task entries
  • Enter and link tasks
  • Set up deadline and baseline dates.
  • Produce standard and custom reports, including GANTT charts
  • Learn how to print and distribute reports electronically
  • Update the project schedule with actual project data
  • Track progress

Course Duration