Strategic Project Leadership


There is lots of research that shows that a high percentage of projects fail and/or are managed in a state of crisis. The cost of this problem is staggering on a global basis. There are many reasons for failure; most of them are due to poor project management. The failure of projects has a direct impact on the bottom line of organizations as well as their customers. So there’s a lot at stake when it comes to project management; doing it poorly has dire consequences. This program will help you develop a strategy for improving the success of your organization’s projects. You will learn how to re-shape your culture so that project management becomes imbedded as a competency requirement and you’ll learn your role and responsibility in overseeing projects to ensure success.

Session Focus

This highly engaging session uses a combination of teaching techniques; including lecture, discussion and team activities. It focuses on ways to get in control of all the projects running in your organization, ensuring that they are in alignment with corporate strategic direction and that they are on track. You will understand which critical areas of focus are necessary in order for your projects to succeed as well as how to create a project management culture and how to develop a strategic project measurement system.

Who Should Attend?

  • Vice-Presidents and Directors of Project Management
  • Project Management Office leaders
  • Senior Product Managers
  • Consultants and professionals involved in selecting, directing or coordinating their organization’s projects
  • All management who are Sponsors and/or responsible for overseeing projects to ensure success and/or provide resources to projects.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the reasons why projects can cost millions in wasted spending every year.
  • Create a strategy for turning around problem and challenging projects.
  • Understand how to identify all projects that are currently being undertaken within your Organization/Department.
  • Assess and align your organizational culture to be more supportive of consistent project management practices.
  • Implement the four (4) critical areas of focus to ensure success in the management of projects.
  • Understand how to strategically align all organizational and departmental projects.
  • Create a project management culture that is supportive of increased consistency in the management of all projects.
  • Develop a process to increase the maturity level in the management of projects within the organization/department.
  • Implement strategic project management best practices.
  • Create a strategic project measurement system.

Course Duration

1 Day