Creating and Sustaining a Project Management Office Centre of Excellence


A Project Management Office (PMO), sometimes also called the Centre of Excellence is a business unit that has department or organization-wide authority to ensure consistency in the management of all projects. This gives projects the best possible chance of success. The PMO has a strategic role in planning and launching the project management process and has a direct impact on the organization, its customers and resources.

Running a successful PMO requires careful planning; from the initial piloting of the PMO to its full launch. As with any significant change initiative, there must be a change management process in place to guide people through the transition period.

The creation of a PMO Centre of Excellence includes creating a vision, strategies, governance, and processes. It will know how to measure its own success as well as that of projects and will have identified quality criteria for all project management processes and documents.

Session Focus

Whether you already have a PMO or are considering starting a project management office, this session will help it succeed; increasing its visibility as well as success. Through the use of case studies, exercises and discussion you will learn what makes for a successful project management office; the key areas of focus and how to ensure its continued sustainability. There will be lots of opportunity to discuss your specific issues and concerns; including organizational culture, reporting responsibilities and PMO structure. Get ready for a great session!

Who Should Attend?

  • Vice-Presidents and other Senior Management who are considering adding a PMO
  • Directors of Project Management Offices
  • PMO Staff
  • Program and Project Managers

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the reasons why PMOs succeed or fail.
  • Learn how to turn around problem and challenging projects.
  • Determine a suitable title for your PMO.
  • Create a statement of purpose for the PMO.
  • Develop the strategies and objectives required to meet the PMO’s vision.
  • Create the correct structure, roles and responsibilities for the PMO.
  • Identify/develop the project management process, tools and templates.
  • Develop an inventory of all projects that are currently being undertaken in the organization.
  • Create a project prioritization process.
  • Ensure all projects/programs are strategically aligned.
  • Recognize when a project is in crisis and what interventions are necessary to bring it back in control.
  • Determine whether projects being run in the organization are consistent with the PMO’s project management processes, tools and templates.
  • Develop the criteria for on-going training and coaching.
  • Assess and create an organizational culture to support projects.
  • Implement strategic project management best practices.
  • Develop a strategic project measurement system.
  • Ensure consistency in project management process.
  • Categorize projects into small, medium or large projects
  • Develop a total performance system that rewards for work on projects as well as regular job responsibilities.
  • Manage project change and project risk.

Course Duration

3 Days