Advanced Project Management


When you are managing medium to large projects and programs you need to be able to manage at a more advanced level. The increased complexity of these projects and programs requires an advanced level of understanding; team governance structures, global reporting and communicating mechanisms. You need to know how to manage projects of different types or sizes, deal with project changes and apply risk management to minimize and deal with risk.

Session Focus

This program will give you a good understanding of more complex issues that arise on projects and how to manage them. You will work on various real-life project case studies to help you learn. This includes such topics as: managing project change and project risk, project reporting and communication requirements, organizational culture assessment and working within the constraints of a matrix management structure. As well, we will cover how to close, evaluate and archive projects so that future project teams can learn from them.

Who Should Attend?

Participants who have completed the “Project Management for the Non-Project Manager” or alternatively, have other Project Management knowledge and experience.

Key Outcomes

  • Assess and re-shape project culture.
  • Adapt project management to various sizes of projects and programs.
  • Manage various team governance structures including intact and virtual teams.
  • Manage within the constraints of matrix management.
  • Ensure project scope is documented and approved.
  • Determine the level of detail required in the project plan.
  • Identify risks and develop contingencies to overcome them.
  • Manage project change.
  • Measure project success.
  • Close and evaluate projects.

Course Duration

1 Day