Resolving Conflict Situations


Unresolved conflict between employees in the workplace is stressful if not dealt with effectively and can result in serious outcomes for an organization. This includes: employee disengagement, employee job resignations, staff aggression and even violence. That’s why it’s important to have a clear plan plus directions for dealing with disputes.

Session Focus

Participants will learn about their role in resolving department and/or organizational conflict, how their personal conflict style can impact their ability to resolve conflicts, and the steps and skills needed to constructively resolve conflict situations. Participants will also gain knowledge in mediating the conflicts of others – when to get involved and what to do. They will be given the opportunity throughout the workshop to apply the skills and steps to case studies.

Who Should Attend?

Management, Supervisors, and staff who are engaged in conflict situations and/or are responsible for the coaching of others to resolve situations of conflict

Key Outcomes

  • Understand your role and the role of others in resolving conflicts.
  • Recognize the benefits of expressing and resolving differences in the workplace.
  • Learn how different conflict styles impact resolution.
  • Diagnose conflict situations.
  • Handle situations of conflict in meetings.
  • Know the process for constructive conflict resolution.
  • Discover and apply the communication skills for successful negotiation.
  • Find out when to mediate the conflicts of others.
  • Study the basic skills needed to mediate.

Course Duration

2 Days