Introduction to Leadership


As a leader, manager or supervisor you must be able to get work done through and with other people using delegation, coaching and performance management. There will be challenges moving from working with your peers to managing these same individuals. This learning program will provide you with the essential skills for leadership and includes effective approaches for managing others.

Session Focus

You will learn how to become an effective leader; understanding different leadership styles and approaches and how to adapt to various situations you may encounter. You will also discover how to successfully delegate and provide coaching skills to your staff as their leader. This learning program includes team work; using relevant case studies and exercises, as well as individual instruments to reinforce understanding. You should be able to easily apply what you’ve learned to your work environment.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who are becoming supervisors or managers.
  • Newly appointed supervisors and managers.
  • Managers and supervisors who are seeking development to improve their leadership capabilities.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand different leadership styles and approaches.
  • Recognize the need for adaptability to various situations and their effect and influence on employees, peers and managers.
  • Enhance the management and leadership skills necessary to foster staff cohesiveness.
  • Understand the communication process.
  • Communicate the expectations of management to the department.
  • Uncover barriers to effective communication.
  • Identify the common reasons for difficulties in communication.
  • Analyze and improve your interpersonal communication skills.
  • Increase the level of consensus decision making to ensure employee engagement.
  • Demonstrate the critical importance of delegation
  • Learn how to successfully delegate to increase individual and organization performance.
  • Develop effective coaching skills required to enhance employee performance.

Course Duration

1 Day