Facilitation Excellence


Leading a meeting can be challenging; you must be able to engage a group of people in a consensus decision-making process; oftentimes without any authority, or without the presence of managers or senior personnel. And you must also handle conflicts, disagreements or apathy that arises and make sure that everyone leaves satisfied that their issues were addressed and that they feel respected and validated.

Session Focus

In this interactive learning program, participants will learn meeting facilitation skills by managing various sizes of groups, handling questions and dealing with arising conflicts and decisions. We will use many individual assessment tools and team exercises to help you identify your weak and strong areas and help you deal with both the challenges and opportunities for managing meetings.

Who Should Attend?

Any employee who must lead meetings with or without senior level authority and gain group support for decisions; Project Managers, Business Analysts, Department Managers and Supervisors.

Key Outcomes

  • Prepare, format and manage the meeting.
  • Ensure the structure will deliver the greatest impact.
  • Create the agenda.
  • Create minutes and notes during and after meetings.
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of managing groups.
  • Control and manage the natural anxiety that often accompanies delivery at meetings.
  • Respond to questions from the group.
  • Communicate ideas, issues and required decisions to ensure the expected result is realized.
  • Gain the required support for decisions and next steps.
  • Influence to ensure the expected impact on the stakeholders.
  • Anticipate and handle questions.
  • Manage conflict that may arise during the meeting.
  • Focus on the core presentation points vs. reviewing lengthy reports.

Course Duration

2 Days