Developing Your People


Staff development is an on-going process that is critical for those who want to move up in their careers. Most managers don’t realize that developing their employees makes good ‘cents.’   If your employees are not ready to step into your managerial position, promotion for you is less likely. Talented and ambitious employees who make you look good as a manager are the first to leave if they feel stymied in their career development. This leaves you with less talented employees who make you look less effective when it’s time for your own performance appraisal.

Session Focus

Learn how to develop your people and optimize their engagement at work. You will participate in exercises to develop your own style of staff coaching and training and practice delegation as well as other ways to empower and motivate employees.

Who Should Attend?

Any person who is responsible for a group of employees: Leaders, Managers, Supervisors.

Key Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the critical importance of delegation
  • Learn how to successfully delegate to increase organizational, departmental and individual performance.
  • Train new employees to prepare them for their job.
  • Prepare, coach and train staff for job and career development.
  • Understand the complexities of motivation and the thought processes behind developing an innovative environment.

Course Duration

1 Day