Critical Thinking: From Analysis to Implementation


Making decisions is one of the most important jobs we do every day yet it is also the toughest and the riskiest. Bad decisions can damage a business and a career sometimes irreparably. Most people move from decision to solution or from the identification of an opportunity to the options to implement it without a deep enough understanding of the risks, which often results in poor outcomes. Critical Thinking will teach you the principles of decision-making and problem solving to improve your skill at making decisions.

Session Focus

In this learning program you will work in a team to analyze actual problems; brainstorming specific issues, concerns or challenges you are currently facing in your work or life. Then your team will work together to develop a recommendation for resolution as well as an implementation plan. By participating in discussions and exercises you will understand how to apply the critical thinking process to manage group or individual problems or issues.

Who Should Attend?

All levels of staff, whether in private or public sector organizations.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand how to define the basic problem or issue.
  • Recognize the difference between a problem as given and a problem as understood.
  • Break a problem down into manageable components for faster decision analysis.
  • Determine the root causes of the problems/issues so that the “right” solutions are identified.
  • Identify approaches for possible solutions and options to ensure measurable results.
  • Apply a process of problem solving to actual problems or issues that you are trying to manage within your organization.
  • Apply the critical thinking process both individually and within a team.
  • Measure the impact of going with the final decision or not.
  • Determine which decision solution is best and prioritize its implementation.
  • Develop detailed implementation plans that ensure successful execution of the decisions with measurable results.

Course Duration

2 Days