Ignite Innovation


Innovative organizations seem to constantly find ways to reinvent themselves and pursue opportunities to better meet customer and organizational needs. They generate new products, services, processes and structures that positively impact their department, their organization and their customers. The great challenge for employees is to come up with these innovations and deploy them effectively; to do this they must understand and follow an innovation process that encourages, nurtures and supports innovation.

Innovation is more than just about products and services. It is also about structures, processes, etc. It involves people throughout the organization who will challenge the status quo. Ultimately, innovation is a collaborative process where people in many fields contribute to the implementation of new ideas.

Session Focus

This session will inspire and give you knowledge of the entire process of innovation. We will engage you in the process of creating, developing and implementing innovation. You will test your innovations and develop the actions required to ensure their successful implementation. The knowledge you’ll gain will help you to continue applying the innovation process back in your workplace to improve your work processes, team interaction, organizational and structures.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and teams who need to understand how to create new and innovative approaches to their work, their people and their processes.

Key Outcomes

  • Generate visions and ideas.
  • Create the Innovation Team.
  • Apply the innovation process to realize opportunities.
  • Identify barriers to innovation.
  • Measure the impact of going with the final decision or not.
  • Prioritize the innovations to ensure those with the highest impact are realized first.
  • Apply innovation and creativity to the development of decisions.
  • Develop detailed implementation plans that ensure successful execution of the innovations.
  • Identify the benefits to each innovation.

Course Duration

1 Day