Developing and Sustaining the Innovation Steering Committee


The Innovation Steering Committee is a powerful coalition of leaders from across the organization that guide and oversee the entire journey of innovation for your organization. They are responsible for driving the change process that will move the organization towards a culture that supports and sustains innovation; constantly monitoring it to make sure that it stays on track. The Innovation Steering Committee is a permanent body; its members usually include a mix of management and staff.

Session Focus

This session will help you create your Innovation Steering Committee.  You will define its purpose and mandate, develop clear roles and responsibilities, assess the current culture for innovation, identify communication initiatives, develop the strategies for innovation, create a process for innovation, measure success and foster innovation throughout your department/organization. We will help the committee to create a shared definition of innovation to help the entire organization innovate.  This is because, without this, it will be very difficult for employees to understand innovation or implement it.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders and staff who will form the innovation steering committee

Key Outcomes

  • Structure your Innovation Steering Committee.
  • Define the purpose and mandate of the committee.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of each member.
  • Share experiences to better understand the challenges, issues concerns and opportunities for innovation in your organization or department.
  • Assess the innovation culture.
  • Create a vision for innovation.
  • Describe the current and future of innovation for your department/organization.
  • Communicate and promote the Innovation Steering Committee throughout the organization.
  • Develop the innovation strategies.
  • Implement an innovation process.
  • Determine how to apply resources to innovation teams.
  • Prioritize the ideas and visions for the innovation teams.
  • Coordinate and manage all innovation teams.
  • Develop rewards and recognitions for innovation teams.
  • Sustain the innovation culture by managing change.

Course Duration

2 Days