Creating an Innovation Centre of Excellence


We can influence and even lead our organizations to realize their vision for innovation. Research indicates that although most leaders understand the critical importance of innovation today and their employees want to contribute to their organization’s innovation mandate, yet most leaders do nothing about it. What’s missing is a strategy for innovation, a culture that supports innovation and a process that engages employees to help drive innovation.

Establishing an Innovation Centre of Excellence is an effective way to realize your Innovation Mandate. It focuses on: creating a strategy for innovation, re-shaping the culture to support innovation and implementing a process to drive and sustain innovation.

Session Focus

This inspiring session will teach you how to establish an Innovation Centre of Excellence. You will learn how to develop your innovation strategy and re-shape your culture to support innovation as well as develop a process to take action on great ideas. You will hear how other organizations have created successful cultures of innovation and how to use a combination of these ideas to create a process for innovation for your situation; from idea generation to its actual implementation. You will leave with the tools, processes and techniques necessary to confidently start your own journey of innovation.

Who Should Attend?

Presidents, CEOs, senior managers and other leaders who want to understand innovation and how to create the strategy, culture and process for innovation.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand what innovation is and is not.
  • Re-shape your organizational culture to accept and nurture innovation.
  • Benchmark against other organizations to learn what they have done for innovation.
  • Form a Steering Committee to oversee the innovation journey.
  • Define the purpose and mandate for the Steering Committee.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee.
  • Create your vision for innovation.
  • Develop your strategy for innovation.
  • Define the actions and processes required to implement the Strategic Innovation Plan.
  • Develop the Communication Strategy.
  • Understand the characteristics of a successful innovation culture and identify how to drive your organization towards such a culture for innovation.
  • Examine the culture of innovation within your organization/department and identify the actions to re-shape it to be more creative and innovative.
  • Generate innovations within the culture.
  • Create a process for innovation.
  • Determine how to capture visions and ideas from your employees.
  • Form innovation teams to follow the innovation process.
  • Ensure the innovation process has clear gate reviews.
  • Analyze the benefits of each innovation to the organization, departments, staff and customers.
  • Describe the fit of each innovation with the organization’s strategy and objectives.
  • Determine the customer impact of each innovation and examine any barriers.

Course Duration

3 Days