Managing the Performance of Others


Managing employee performance facilitates delivery of an organization’s strategic and operational goals; leading to better organizational results. It does this by aligning resources, systems and people to achieve the organizations priorities and strategic objectives. As well, it ensures that everyone understands how they are directly contributing to the organization’s high level goals and how they can contribute to achieve of these goals. This leads to employees who feel motivated and engaged.

Session Focus

As a leader, you will learn how to manage the performance of your staff using your organization’s performance management system tools. You will gain clarity about the performance management process and how it can help you to achieve your departmental priorities and goals as well as that of the organization as a whole. You will use specific performance review tools and forms from your organization, if any already exist. If they don’t exist, we will develop an appropriate performance review document for you.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Supervisors, Staff

Key Outcomes

  • Identify performance requirements for employees.
  • Communicate performance expectations.
  • Determine professional development requirements for employees.
  • Support professional development of employees.
  • Provide coaching to reinforce, change or redirect employee’s behaviour in order to sustain or improve performance.
  • Provide feedback so that employees gain needed information about how well they are doing the job.
  • Prepare for performance reviews.
  • Handle differences that may arise at the performance review meeting.
  • Develop an on-going process between managers and/or supervisors and their employees to communicate expectations, identify needs, support good performance and assess future potential.
  • Enable employees to better understand their present performance as measured against goals and objectives thereby better understanding their future opportunities and how to get there.

Course Duration

2 Days