Impact and Influence


The ability to influence, persuade and/or convince others to adopt a specific course of action is a key competency in top performing leaders and can make a big difference to your leadership success. It involves the use of persuasive techniques, presentations or negotiation skills to convince others to support an idea, agenda or direction. To influence others it’s necessary to establish credibility or use data to reinforce or address the other person’s issues or concerns.

Session Focus

This engaging workshop will use specific cases and examples to improve your persuasive impact. We’ll explore your relationship issues, challenges and concerns and check how well you are currently managing them. You will learn effective techniques to develop proactive customer relations and critical thinking skills so that you can increase your impact on others.

Who Should Attend?

All levels of employees regardless of position; who must influence individuals or groups of individuals with whom they have no direct authority.

Key Outcomes

  • Experience the Impact and Influence Management Process from beginning to end.
  • Understand the various roles we perform as an “internal consultant” and the competency requirements for each role.
  • Learn of the skills and knowledge required in the role of internal consultant and how to apply these to your own situations.
  • Learn about different verbal and written communication mediums and how these impact our customer relationships.
  • Increase your ability to move from reactive customer relations to proactive customer relationships.
  • Understand the customer’s vantage point and what is necessary to ensure their needs are fully met.
  • Develop a Value Proposition which clarifies the limitations of our roles in managing our relationships.
  • Apply Critical thinking skills that will move you from problem to root cause analysis, ensuring the recommended options and solutions are well-researched.
  • Influence and have impact on others with whom you do not have any direct authority or power.

Course Duration

2 Days