Leading Change


It’s important to understand the psychology of change in order to effectively manage it. Change occurs at different levels; societal, organizational and personal. It has several stages of transition; which is why we often refer to change as a “journey.” Individuals will pass through each phase in order to move forward and will move on at their own pace. Everyone deals with change differently. That’s why organizational change is a big deal. There are feelings of loss, grief and anger for staff and a responsibility for leadership to lead their people through the journey. As a leader you will need to prepare and orchestrate your company’s change journey to ensure its successful execution.

Session Focus

This highly interactive workshop uses a combination of lecture, discussion and team formats to help prepare you to lead change in your department or organization. We use a variety of case study examples from many different organizations as well as well as examples of your own change initiatives to teach you how to lead change. You will have an opportunity to plan and manage “real” change issues and develop corrective actions to better manage them.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors and other employees who are impacted by change and require the skills and knowledge to be able to successfully cope with the changes.

Key Outcomes

  • Identify past, present and future requirements for change.
  • Manage the change process to ensure the successful transition through change.
  • Develop a vision of how the change, once implemented will impact the organization and/or department.
  • Manage the various degrees of acceptance to change.
  • Acquire specific skills for dealing with and managing change.
  • Understand why people resist change.
  • Review the Principles of Change that impact our ability to adapt to change.
  • Understand the change management process stages as they apply to your change situations.
  • Engage others in a constructive process of change.
  • Develop actions to ensure change is successfully managed.

Course Duration

1 Day