Coping with the Stress of a Change You Didn’t Want


Coping with change is never easy and can be a source of extreme stress. Most of us resist it, because we are comfortable and secure in our world as we know it. And yet, if change is an inevitable reality of life (and it is), then we’d better be prepared to respond when the unexpected comes knocking on our door.

Session Focus

This workshop will engage you in activities to help you overcome blockages to change. We will organize you into teams where you will examine the past, present and ideal future of your department and/or organization. Through this process you will be able to analyze the changes happening within your department and/or organization and determine how to bridge any gaps between the past, present and ideal future. The outcome of the session is the development of a change implementation plan.

Who Should Attend?

Staff who engage in managing departmental and/or organizational change and/or are responsible for adapting to these changes

Key Outcomes

  • Gain specific skills for dealing with and managing change.
  • Understand why people resist change.
  • Learn about the Principles of Change that impact our ability to adapt to changes within our organizations.
  • Explore and comprehend the change process and theory of change management.
  • Anticipate the various common reactions to change within organizations and learn how to overcome them.
  • Engage others in a constructive process of change.
  • Develop an action plan for managing change effectively.

Course Duration

1 Day