Business Process Management


Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved from its traditional quality roots into a powerful system which quickly examines and dramatically improves all work processes within an organization. It ensures that processes are more effective, more efficient and more capable of delivering measurable value to their internal and/or external customers. There are many drivers for BPM including less resources doing more work, need to increase productivity while maintaining or reducing costs, faster time to market and/or the customer, desire to increase staff motivation and so on.

Session Focus

This case driven session will engage you in the entire process of Business Process Management. You will learn what criteria to use when selecting key business processes for improvement and how to align BPM with the organization’s key strategies. As a result, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to implementing BPM in your workplace.

Who Should Attend?

All levels of employees who must examine key business processes in order to identify the root causes of problems and measurable improvement opportunities.

Key Outcomes

  • Identify the criteria for identifying and selecting the key business processes to analyze.
  • Move your organization away from a task orientation and into a process orientation.
  • Link Business Process Management to the organization’s key strategies.
  • Understand the entire Business Process Management process.
  • Create your Business Process Management team.
  • Analyze a key business process.
  • Create a goal for the analysis of your key business process.
  • Learn various analytical tools including the Affinity Diagram, Root Cause Analysis, Flowcharting, Cross-Functional Flowcharting, Measurement Tools, Multi-Voting, Mind Mapping, etc.
  • Identify the Voice of the Customer.
  • Determine customer satisfaction levels.
  • Create a SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customer) map.
  • Develop a detailed flowchart and cross-functional flowchart.
  • Measure the work process.
  • Examine the root causes of the issues, problems and concerns preventing you from reaching your BPM goal.
  • Develop options and solutions for the key business process.
  • Develop the implementation plan.

Course Duration

2 Days