Understanding the Role of the Business Analyst


The Business Analyst’s primary responsibility is to identify, collect, analyze and manage business and customer requirements for a project. They bridge the gap between the stakeholders (high level requirements) and the technical (detailed requirements). They act as a communication conduit between the key stakeholders on the project and the project team. They must be able to interpret business needs; distill the differing messages and needs of key stakeholders and work with key stakeholders to spell out the project’s details and requirements. The stakeholder’s acceptance of a final product, process, or system is highly dependent on their ability to translate those needs into a proposed business solution.

The role of the Business Analyst is increasing in importance within all types of organizations. Business Analysts work in various departments within these organizations including: Systems, Production, Sales, Finance, Operations, Engineering, Product Development and Administration.

Session Focus

This learning program will give you overview of the Business Analyst role and responsibilities. Through discussion, exercises and case examples, you will participate in exploring the role of a business analyst and how to manage the challenges posed by various customers and other stakeholders on a project.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who are responsible for defining business and customer requirements including:

  • Systems Analysts
  • User Support Analysts
  • Business Systems Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Business Leaders
  • IT Specialists
  • Business Analysts

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Business Analyst.
  • Define the similarities and differences between a Business Analyst, Systems Analysts, User Support Analysts, Business Systems Specialists, Project Managers, Business Leaders and IT Specialists.
  • Identify the various customers and project stakeholders.
  • Determine the business requirements.
  • Determine the stakeholder requirements.
  • Ensure that project requirements link to departmental and organizational strategies.
  • Define the business problem and/or opportunity correctly.
  • Gather and document Stakeholder Requirements so that the current state is clear.
  • Develop strategies to collect and analyse the business problem or opportunity.
  • Develop the Business Requirements Document.

Course Duration

1 Day